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Spirit of a Champion

From innovation aviation technology to a tradition of motorsports dominance, the Champion brand has been a part of product development in every type of engine. As a powerful symbol of performance driven quality, this experience and commitment has led to design enhancements that optimize the performance of every product we make. 


The brand has a long pedigree history in motorsports as well :

  • Champion has dominated two of the world’s leading racing series — NASCAR® and F1 since 1950
  • Champion has achieved more than 400 Grand Prix victories
  • 2005 and 2006 World Champions with Renault F1 and Fernando Alonso
  • Relentless innovation at the cutting edge of motorsport, creating groundbreaking solutions for the road

Champion proves its relentless spirit not only on the road and on the track, but also in the sky. Concorde, one of the world’s greatest passenger airplane, was able to hit Mach 2 with Champion igniters. Everything about Concorde was exceptional. The four Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus engines with Champion igniters provided more than 38,000lbs of thrust each, making them some of the most powerful commercial jet engines ever made.


In the Asia Pacific region, Champion brand has been actively being promoted, both through motorsports and physical sports. The appointment of Kerry Hope as its brand ambassador, to uphold the message of its endurance and performance, has been one of the important measures to instil this spirit. The Champion brand is in Kerry’s mind as he uses a champion mindset to overcome all obstacles and allows him to have the power to achieve.

In motorsports, Champion will be represented again in the 2016 racing season in the Audi R8 LMS Cup, a one-make sports car racing series by Audi and takes place across Asia. The Audi LMS Cup arrives for the first time to Thailand with the racetaking place on 23 / 24 July 2016 in Burira.

Since 2000, Champion has sponsored many of the greatest young motorsports drivers from Europe and North America. Through its “Search for Champion” campaign, we are supporting promising young racers to flourish in their careers. A comprehensive racing schedule to find the most versatile and fastest driver with a Champion spirit, has been an outlook program awaited by the young racing community. A similar concept with local adaptation is being considered for Asia.